This artwork was originally created for the triennial exhibition in Knokke-Heist. The organisation approached me to craft a significant sculpture that would stand as an eye-catcher for the city.

To gather inspiration, I worked with keywords that evoke the fashionable and cosmopolitan Belgian coast, such as beach, sea, sun, prosperity, and pride. From this blend of keywords, “Proud” was born. Today, you can admire my work not only here but also in Knokke-Heist.

There are several versions of “Proud.” The largest was purchased by the city of Knokke-Heist and is displayed at the roundabout on the A11 (Heistlaan). This piece stands 9 meters tall, is 1.4 meters wide, and weighs 3.5 tons. A smaller version can be found in the Park of Beervelde (Lochristi), measuring 3 meters in height, 80 cm in width, and weighing 160 kg.


This artwork delves into the discourse or discord with one’s inner self.

Dimensions: 2.3 meters tall, 20 centimetres deep, and 1.9 meters wide.


The sculpture was created and displayed at the RHS Show Hampton Court Palace in London in 2019.

It garnered significant media attention and received a silver medal. The artwork can still be viewed today at Wisley park in London.

Dimensions: 3.10 meters tall, 2.10 meters wide, and 2.6 meters deep.


This piece represents a fallen meteor that has crashed into an urban setting. The impact scorched trees, singed the surroundings, and charred the vegetation. My intention is to narrate the tale of beauty hidden within chaos. It’s evidence that chaos is accompanied by unexpected beauty.

Dimensions: diameter 250 cm

Material: weathering steel

Weight: 750 kg

Article RHS – Elements Mystique Garden


My piece is inspired by three brothers drifting apart as they grow older. I see their birth as the central point that binds them for life, yet this doesn’t necessarily mean they share the same views.

The three brothers are personal friends of mine, which gave me the unique opportunity to translate their personalities into a steel profile portrait.

This work was crafted using steel sourced from Arcelor Mittal.

Article ArcelorMittal

Height 400 cm / diameter 400 cm


Showerlady draws inspiration from feminine beauty and elegance, showcasing how a naturally cold material like weathering steel can exude warmth through the female form.

Dimensions: 120 cm high, 80 cm wide, and 10 cm deep.

Material: weathering steel.

Illusion Pente

A pentagon or dodecahedron is an intriguing and unconventional figure. This fascination inspired me to create Illusion Pente.

Dimensions: approximately 1.2 meters in diameter, weighing about 40 kg.


A play of light, depth, and contrast. Buddha is hand-drawn and cut on steel, with light integrated in the back. When do we see the light?

Dimensions: 1.5 meters high, 2.3 meters wide, and 40 cm deep.

Tomorrowland fantasy flame pillar

In 2012, I was approached by the Tomorrowland festival in Boom to design decor for their event. They sought a large piece that could incorporate fire, which were their only requirements. Otherwise, I had complete creative freedom. After reviewing the design, they ultimately decided to commission 12 pieces. These fiery works are now used annually at the festival.

Dimensions: 4 meters in height and approximately 80 cm wide. The base of each pillar weighs 250 kg (cast in concrete), while each arch weighs about 200 kg.

Desire Perceptible

When envisioning desire, one often imagines a round shape. Rounds offer comfort, inspire trust, and evoke warmth and engagement. We tend to be drawn to circular forms, reaching out to touch them.

Desire Perceptible is a stunning collection of circular forms that magnetically captivates the viewer. Depicting a couple and a child—the couple tangible, the child a spectral presence between them.

The sculpture embodies the artist’s longing for a child, a desire that consumed him over the years.

The child was there, existing, he saw it, heard it, felt it… in his mind, in his dreams.

But his wife wanted something different. His desire intensified, her resistance weakened.

Finally, they made a decision together, and a little boy was born.

The child was there, existing, they saw it, heard it, felt it… in the flesh.

Desire Perceptible began three years ago as a sketch. It was a feat to encapsulate a wealth of profound emotions in a steel sculpture.

With this sculpture, William closes a chapter in his life.

Dimensions: Height 2.5m / Width 1.5m / Depth 0.6m

Material: Indaten Steel ©