Biography William Roobrouck

William Roobrouck was born in Tienen in 1977 and spent his childhood moving between Gent and De Panne. He found his life partner beyond the language barrier and settled in Laarne around 2008.

William has been involved in art and design since childhood. His mother studied art history and painted watercolors. His grandmother created oil paintings, and his grandfather was artistic with metalwork. In his grandfather’s workshop by the sea, he learned to drill, weld, and saw as a child. “Crafting with machines,” that’s what grandpa did.

Coincidentally, or perhaps not, grandpa’s workshop was located at Kunstenaarslaan 6 in De Panne.

They spent countless hours together in the workshop, but William also had a passion for drawing, ceramics, sailing, motorcycle racing, metalworking, technology, and much much more – the list is endless.

He was a boy with boundless energy and unquenchable curiosity. Two qualities that have remained with him over the years – fortunately!

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Under the alias ‘Williams’, William Roobrouck creates objects, sculptures, artworks, and design pieces that reflect his love for forms, raw materials, and craftsmanship. His inspiration often stems from humanity and nature, translating into faces and expressions.

From the very first sketch to the final welding point – he handles everything himself.

And he does it with expertise.

Materials are carefully selected and processed according to the principles of artistry.

Combine two skilled hands with a vivid imagination and loads of technical expertise, add in the years of learning from his grandfather by the sea, and you get objects with a soul.

They may blend steel and fire or enchant with light, but each time, they never fail to surprise and captivate.